Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit


The Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit (HRTC) provides a tax credit to corporations that relocate their headquarters to Indiana. The credit is assessed against the corporation’s state tax liability. The Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit is established by I.C. 6-3.1-30.


IEDC and the Department of Revenue determine eligibility based on the following criteria:  The corporation must have annual worldwide revenue of at least $50 million in the taxable year immediately prior to the year in which application is made for the credit. After relocation, the corporation must have 75 employees in Indiana.

 Headquarters is defined as the building or buildings where one or more of the following are located:

• The principal offices of the principal executive officers of an eligible business.

• The principal offices of a division or similar subdivision of an eligible business.

• A research and development center of an eligible business.

Calculation of Credit

The credit is up to 50 percent of a corporation’s approved costs of relocating its headquarters to Indiana, as determined by the IEDC. A nine-year carry forward applies to any unused part of the credit.

Fact Sheet

Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit